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LonesWolf CMS

LonesWolf CMS (Content Management System)

My introduction to HTML / PHP / JavaScript started with a CMS (Content Management System) from I took the whole code apart and redesigned it, to fit my needs. I am not going to publish it as I do not want to create any competition and as it only serves me as a playground to test new functions.

SMM Design

Design for the guild Stream Metal Mining

I created this design for a guild, who used to play EVE Online.

PHP DXDiag Tool

PHP DXDiag Tool

This is a tool to show your system specifications on a website. It was planned as an add on for the CMS (Content Management System), to test an implementation of external data into a local database. It works with the output which is being created via the DirectX diagnose tool from Microsoft Windows and sorts it nicely in a table. Example

BF3 Leaderboard

Leaderboards (BFBC2, BF3, BF4, BFH, MOHW)

This is a leaderboard for several games. It gathers data in a format called JSON through an API provided by and converts the data in a nicely formatted and human readable table. The leaderboard was being used by